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Dear Parents and Athletes: Welcome to H-Town Rollerz Track Club for the
2022 Outdoor Track Season. We are looking forward to an great successful track season. Please take time to carefully review the information
provided below. As questions arise, please do not hesitate to ask.


1. What happens when it rains?
We run, and then we run some more. Track meets and practices take place in all weather
conditions except lightening.
But if there’s lightening, you don’t get to go home we wait it out. In other words hope for
sunshine because you’ll be at practice and meets either way.

2. How long are track meets?
Literally, and in most instances, ALL DAY LONG
3. How long is practice?
If you come on time it usually last 1 ½ hours for those who come on time.

4. What can you eat at meets?
Parents can eat whatever they like just not around athletes. Athletes -healthy, light non-
vomitus foods (fruit, sandwiches, energy bars, etc.)

5. What do I get for the $260.00 sports fee?
Much more than you paid for – Uniform, Warmup suit, Bag, Club registration, AAU membership card, Equipment to use and whatever else we can squeeze out, hopefully an end of the season function. If it’s not
listed, it’s not included.

6. What kind of shoes does my child need to have?
Your Athlete does not need nothing expensive, but definitely a well-built/comfortable
running shoe for practice. Spikes will be necessary if your child will be in running events.
We will not know until we see where your child’s strengths lie. Spikes may not be necessary
if they’re primarily doing field events. PLEASE know that there are different kinds of

7. Who picks the events that my child participates in?
The Coaches – the END. Once or twice throughout the season we will do an “athlete’s
choice” where we allow the athlete to choose one event that they would like to participate.
Feel free to try and influence your child’s choice. We will gear your athlete’s competition to
events in which they excel and/or demonstrate interest (unfortunately–this is not always one
in the same).

8. Can I leave the meet early?
Yes only if you inform the coaching staff before the day of the meet. We do require that the
team stays together until the end of the meet. We also understand that there may be occasions
when you will need to leave at the conclusion of your child’s events, however, we are a
family oriented team and we’re real big on the “team support concept.” If you care about
team support for your athlete please show that same consideration and support for someone
else’s athlete. Also keep in mind, we Coaches also have work, families, and lives outside of track –so us
having sympathy for you “needing to leave” is usually at a “minimum.”
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